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Photo Essay:
Rowan Schaberg & Kyndal Johnson Raise Goose

       Rowan Schaberg is a student at Colorado State University studying Journalism and Media Communications with a concentration in Sports Journalism.  Kyndal Johnson is also a student at CSU and is studying nursing at Front Range Community College.

       Schaberg and Johnson are navigating being full-time college students and raising their new dog while maintaining their long-term relationship.  Goose helps the couple establish weekly routines and enhances their communication skills.

       With Schaberg often out of the house working for RamVision, Johnson spent time working on training Goose.  “She is a very intelligent dog, which makes training fun and easy," Johnson said.

       The couple has also gotten to see parts of Fort Collins that they wouldn't have seen if it weren't for Goose.  “It’s been fun to try all these new parks.  I don’t think we’ve walked her in the same place yet.  We’ve been trying different parks and I didn’t know how many fun trails there are here,” Schaberg said.



Goose is a ten month-old German shorthair Pointer and Blue Heeler mix rescue dog.  

She was adopted by Schaberg and Johnson in December of

2022.  Now she lives in Seattle during the summer and in Fort Collins during the rest of the year.

Goose loves to play with sticks. She will run with them, chew on them, and toss them up in the air and catch them. 

On a walk, Goose ran up to a beaver dam and stole a stick right off the top! She proceeded to parade it around the trail for everyone to see her trophy.

Goose chews on her toys too, not just the sticks she finds. One day, Schaberg and Johnson came home to find a toy's head apart from its body.

Since coming home with Schaberg and Johnson, Goose has worked really hard training on her collar and learning her commands. 

Bonus Photos!

Here are some extra photos that didn't quite make the final cut, but I still thought should be seen. 

(Tip: Click on each photo to see it bigger and learn a little bit about it.)

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